Rights and Freedoms

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Canada recognizes and upholds the rights and freedoms of every resident and citizen. This section has links to information about laws, charters, and other measures that protect your rights and freedoms in order for you to live up to your fullest potential.

Quick Facts

  • Historically, Canada has been regarded as a pioneer in the field of human rights.
  • According to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, human rights define what we are all entitled to — a life of equality, dignity, and respect.
  • The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is the first new national museum that is situated outside of Canada’s Capital Region.

Rights and Freedoms Articles by Topic

Newest Rights and Freedoms Articles

What is cultural appropriation? And why is blackface wrong?

minstrel poster showing blackface actor

Halloween is one of the few occasions when we are allowed to go overboard with costumes and other paraphernalia. It’s… Read more »

Can I practice my religion in Manitoba?

person with arms raised up to the sky

Yes, freedom of religion is a fundamental right in Canada. This is outlined in Human Rights Code of Manitoba and… Read more »

What are the goods that you can and can’t bring when you travel back to Canada?

person pulling luggage

When preparing for a vacation, I always make a list. No, not a to-do list, but a to-buy list. These… Read more »

Have you heard about gender neutral pronouns?

illustration of LGBTQ symbols

Here’s an important topic in your EAL studies: Gender neutral pronouns. To refresh your memory, pronouns are used in place… Read more »

Recent Rights and Freedoms Articles, CLB3-4

Spotlight on Gender Diversity. What does it have to do with you?

Rainbow flags at a Pride parade

Just as Canada welcomes ethnic diversity and multiculturalism, it also upholds gender diversity. Many times, when gender diversity is mentioned,… Read more »

Diversity in Manitoba: Many cultures, one neighbourhood

Children from a variety of backgrounds working on a multi-colored diversity mural together

Manitoba is known as a melting pot of many cultures. In fact, it has always been a multicultural society from… Read more »

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