Drop-In Workshops

Practise English while covering settlement topics

Our virtual drop-in workshops contain valuable information on settlement topics, e.g. make an appointment with a financial advisor to open a tax-free savings account. Registered EO learners can “drop-in” to these workshops anytime!

Each workshop has both online learning materials and a live online event.

Learning Materials

Watch Shiem talk about why she likes drop-in workshops.

You can work through the learning materials ahead of time to prepare for the live presentation, or work through the materials any time after the event is over to add to your knowledge on the subject. Below you can select a workshop to see the learning materials for upcoming or archived topics.

Live Events

To attend the associated live events, you must login to this site. The “Upcoming” section below shows workshops that have a live event scheduled in the near future. The learning materials will show the dates and times of the live event and link to it. When it is time for the event, click the link and join the workshop! You can also view the Drop-in Workshops calendar to see all the live workshop dates.

Upcoming Workshops

How to pronounce 2 syllable nouns and verbs | December 11, 2017

In this class you will learn how to pronounce 2 syllable nouns and verbs.

Archived Workshops by Theme

About Canada

Canadian flag billowing in the wind

These workshops provide an introduction to life in Canada.

Digital Skills Workshops

Social media app icons on a mobile device screen

At English Online Inc. you are entering an online learning community.  As a participant in our digital neighbourhood you will… Read more »


An apple and a stack of textbooks

Are you or your child involved in the education system in Manitoba? This course contains workshops designed for students of… Read more »

Employment Workshops

Two people shaking hands with charts on the wall in the backgorund

This is a series of workshops related to career planning and employment in Manitoba.

Health Workshops

A health care worker holding the hand of a patient

This is a series of workshops related to health. Workshops 1 is geared towards CLB 3-4. Workshop 2 is geared… Read more »

Law and Justice Workshops

Gavel, used in a court of law.

Want to learn more about the legal system in Canada? This series of workshops will discuss a variety of topics… Read more »

Living in Manitoba

anitoba highlighted on a map of Canada

New to Manitoba? In this course, you will learn about different aspects of settling and living in this province.

Lunch & Learn: Language Tip of the Week

These are short 30-minute Skype sessions to discuss the language tip of the week. Join us online over lunch to… Read more »

Money and Finances Workshops

A young girl stacking piles of quarters.

Want to learn more about how to go about money in Canada? This series of workshops will discuss a variety… Read more »


Winnipeg Transit bus stop

In this course, you will learn about different means of transportation in Manitoba. Getting around the city, commuting to work… Read more »

Individual Archived Workshops

Staying Healthy

A group of people jumping in the air on a grassy area in front of a lake.

Attend this workshop to discover things that you can do today to stay healthy!

How to pronounce 2 syllable nouns and verbs

In this class you will learn how to pronounce 2 syllable nouns and verbs.

Using transitional words and phrases

Learn how to use transitional words and phrases to improve the connections and transitions between sentences.

Which or that?

Learn  when to use WHICH and THAT to avoid any confusion in the future.


Learn how to use seven coordinating conjunctions in the English language:  For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So.

Pronunciation of the simple past -ed

Learn how to avoid pronunciation mistakes with the -ED ending of regular verbs in English in the past tense.

Order of adjectives

Join this workshop to learn how to put adjectives in the right order in your sentences.

Preparing for winter driving

Cars driving in a city on a snowy day in Canada.

Driving in the winter can be a very nerve wracking situation. Attend this workshop to alleviate some of that stress!

Know your credit score

One person handing a credit card to another person

Knowing your credit history and how to build it up is essential to financial health. Attend this workshop to learn… Read more »

Surviving the wind-chill

A young child dressed for a Manitoba winter, holding a snow shovel

Winter is here! All that snow can be very beautiful, but it can also be so cold, especially if it’s… Read more »

Seeking legal representation in Manitoba

Smiling lawyer leaning on shelf in law library

Have you ever needed a lawyer or had a legal question you couldn’t get answered in a timely manner? Attend… Read more »

Combating the winter blues

The sun setting over the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg, Manitoba, while people skate on the Forks River Trail.

Winter is long and cold and may get some us of down. Attend this workshop to find what you can… Read more »

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