Easter idioms 2

Step 1

Study the PowerPoint to learn this week’s idioms.

Step 2

Listen to the dialogue for better understanding and pronunciation.

Step 3

Read the following dialogue to see the idioms in context:

Zack:Hey Zeina, how are you doing at school? Do you like your major?
Zeina:Hey, Zack. I guess, I do. I’m just waiting to start attending some face- to- face classes to get a real feel of the group work and interaction with other classmates. You know, it’s sometimes difficult to do that online.
Zack:I hear you. I think it really depends on your major. Maybe yours requires a lot of hands-on work. That’s why, you can’t really tell now if you like it or not.
Zeina:How about you? I think learning online is what you prefer. Isn’t it?
Zack:To be honest, I really enjoy it! Most of my classes are asynchronous, so I am one happy bunny when I take my time to think and reflect on what I would like to share and post in the discussion forum of my classes.
Zeina:So, what happened with your basketball practice? I remember that you were very serious about it in high school.
Zack: I had a great passion for the game, but after I couldn’t get the athletic scholarship I had applied for, I lost my interest.
Zeina:Really? Why? You could have kept trying if that was what you wanted.
Zack: You know, I decided it’s not safe to put all my eggs in one basket, especially that I had invested a lot of time and effort for that goal, so I didn’t want to get disappointed again.
Zeina: Yeah, I remember how you followed strict diets and always ate rabbit food to remain in good shape.
Zack:Please don’t remind me of those days. I was always starving.
Zeina:How about your professors? Do you like them?
Zack:They’re all great except for one, who is giving me a bit of hard time. He teaches me history of architecture. I don’t understand much of his lectures, and the way he explains things makes me hopping mad. He just uses examples that you can never relate to. I can’t wait for his course to end.
Zeina:That’s unfortunate! but you’re lucky that the rest of your teachers are good ones. If you’d like, I can give you a hand with that subject. I have always been good at taking notes, so I might give you some helpful tips to take notes effectively.
Zack:Thanks, you are such a good egg! You’ve always been helpful.
Zeina:No problem! Let me know when we can meet again.

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