Back to School Idioms 2

Step 1

Here are more idioms for you about going back to school! As usual, study the expressions first. Are you familiar with the idioms? Use an online dictionary to look them up, if needed. You can also “google” them.

  • to give someone an A for effort
  • to draw a blank
  • to cover a lot of ground
  • to crank out something
  • as easy as ABC

Step 2

Now take a moment to listen to a dialog. Can you identify the idioms in the conversation? Listen to the conversation more than once if you need.

Step 3

Now, look at the script of the dialog. Listen to the dialog again. This will help you build your listening skills.

JohannaSo Yuliana, you had your first class today, right? How did it go?
YulianaWell, I suppose you could give me an A for
JohannaIt sounds like it didn’t go as well as you expected.
YulianaNo,it didn’t. At the end of the class we had a practice quiz. I looked at my test
paper and I just drew a blank.
JohannaDon’t worry. It was only your first class.
YulianaI know, but we sure covered a lot of ground in just one class. Not only that, we are expected to crank out a paper every week. I don’t know if I can do it.
JohannaDon’t worry, I’m sure that once you are adapted to the pace of the class, it will be
as easy as abc!
YulianaThanks for your support.
JohannaDon’t mention it. Hey, why don’t we go for a coffee and I’ll help you review some of
your material?
YulianaGreat idea. Thanks!


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