Money idioms

Step 1

This week, we will learn five money idioms. Study the Powerpoint presentation below. Do you recognize any of the idioms?

Step 2

Read the dialogue to understand the correct usage of the idioms.

AsmaYesterday, I bought a beautiful party dress at the mall. It cost a pretty penny.
FariReally! How much?
AsmaAround 300 dollars.
FariI’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that you won’t wear it more than once.
AsmaI know that but our annual dinner is next month, and I noticed that I don’t have anything appropriate to wear.
FariIt seems that you are made of money.
AsmaI am not, but I will make a fast buck by selling my old clothes and shoes.
FariI remember you sold some clothes last year too, and someone paid you after two months. Isn’t that true?
AsmaYes. That lady gave me a hard time, but I know how to get my pound of flesh.
FariI’ll come in the evening to see your dress.
AsmaSure and then we can go  for dinner.

Step 3

Listen to the dialogue for correct pronunciation and usage of the above idioms.


Step 4

Quiz time! Click to flip in the bottom right corner to see a definition. Click the next arrow to go to the next expression. Click choose a study mode to select a different type of quiz for this vocabulary set.

Remember! Practice makes perfect.


Money idioms

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