Unit 3 – Steps to Success

Starting a new career in Canada may be very challenging. Here are some extra tips for you that may help you make your dreams come true. Study this unit materials and take a Quiz.


Step 1 – Your Career Plan

Start working on your Career Plan today. Explore the Guide to Planning Your Career, it will help you learn more about useful startagies. You may choose to complete the activities provided in the guide,  it’s an optional task. You may also print out the useful papers, if needed.

A Guide to Planning Your Career


Step 2 – Recognition

Watch our Webinar for Internationally Trained Engineers. You may also open and download the slides of this presentation at the bottom of this page.


Read more information on credential assessment and licensing here.

If you are planning on going back to school, follow this link to find useful information on funding opportunities and more.


Step 3 – Employment Agencies

There are several advantages in working with an employment agency:

  1. You benefit from the help of HRD experts who have access to the hidden job market;
  2. Some provide assistance in writing your resume, cover letter and job interview preparation;
  3. You may receive skills training and career planning support; and
  4. You get advanced recommendation from the agency to their clients.

To get the help of a recruitment agency, you may contact them and meet with a representative to discuss your qualifications. (It’s an optional task). Some agencies have online registration in place. Either way, they will conduct pre-screening that is similar to a job interview to get to know your job experience and skills better.

There are many employment agencies in Manitoba like Pinnacle, Randstad or Drake International. You can also click on the Directory of Canadian Recruiters to find a list of recruitment agencies in Canada or search through Manitoba WorkInfo NET. You can apply to several agencies if you wish, or find one that specializes placement in your specific profession. After you register with an agency, your CV or resume will be included in their database and you get matched with available jobs.

While it is helpful to explore agency assistance in job hunting, do not make it your only option. Many experts suggest making it a part of your comprehensive job hunt which should include networking, online job hunting and responding to published ads to get the best results. To know more about the different types of employment agencies/recruiters and how to work well with them, read Job Hunting, Recruiters and Minding your Manners from Monster.ca.

Step 4 – Job Interview

Watch these videos and take a short quiz below.

What is your greatest strength?

What is your greatest weakness?

Tell me about yourself!

Why should we hire you?


What are your salary expectations?

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Vadim Nazimov's Webinar Presentation

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