Unit 4 – Networking and Volunteering

Being a part of a professional community is very important. This is where you build your portfolio and reputation as a specialist. Don’t ignore this option!

Step 1 – Create or Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Watch a video and create your LinkedIn profile. If you already have one, update it using the recommendations here.

Share your LinkedIn profile in our Introductions to this course.


Step 2- Connect with Your Professional Community

Professional connections can be very useful. Some organizations have networking events such as conferences where you can meet managers, HR specialists or staff members and look into new opportunities.


Step 3 – The Value of Volunteering

Volunteering is contributing your time, resources, energy, and talent to an organization without monetary compensation. Yes, it is working for free. However, you usually decide how much time you can give and when you will work.

Aside from sharing in the Canadian tradition of giving back to the community (and having the satisfaction of knowing that you are an all-around good human being), it also has other benefits especially for a newcomer like you. Volunteering will help you:

  • network and gain friends;
  • get Canadian experience;
  • practice your English/French and learn more job and social skills;
  • possibly earn a job offer later on. Or if you don’t, being an insider, you will be privy to job openings in the organization; and lastly,
  • help you have Canadian references.

Volunteering in your professional field can link you to many useful people and embrace youe career options. Watch this short video about benefits of volunteering:

Search for volunteer opportunities. You can search online at Volunteer Manitoba or if you are interested in working at a specific company, go to their site. Many immigrant serving organizations also look for volunteers. Volunteering for Engineers.

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