Work idioms 3

Step 1

Study the power point to introduce yourself to this week’s idioms:

Step 2

Read the following dialogue to see the idioms in context:

Beth:So, how was your first week at your new job?
Olga:It was great, thank you! But to be honest, I felt like deadwood the first 2 days or so.
Beth:What do you mean?
Olga:Well, I wasn’t sure what to do at first. I just felt like I wasn’t getting anything done.
Beth:So, what did you do?
Olga:I mentioned my concern to my supervisor. We sat down and we discussed my job description. Then, I spent the rest of the week working my fingers to the bone!
Olga:Yes, the work is backbreaking, but I really enjoy it!
Beth:So good to hear!
Olga:How about you, how is your job?
Beth:Nothing much to say. Pretty much business as usual. Hey! Why don’t we meet for lunch and talk more?
Olga:I would love to, but I am so busy at work. Maybe next week?
Beth:Sure. No problem. Business before pleasure, as they say! I’ll see you next week then.
Olga:Sounds great!

Step 3

Listen to the dialogue to hear the idioms in context and to hear the proper pronunciation.

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Remember! Practice makes perfect.


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