Unit 1_Getting started

Welcome to Week 1 of the B-ALL course!

B-ALL -> Be all you want to be!

We start the course by getting to know each other and the course content, and by discussing some language learning myths. We then move on to considering the world of English, surrounding us every day.


Language learning cannot and should not be separated from social interaction, so this week you’ll have plenty of opportunity to interact with other participants. Each course activity comes with a discussion forum, where we hope you will chat with others. We will also meet as a group in a virtual class to have a live discussion about language learning myths.

Week 1 Objectives

By the end of this week, you will have:

  • connected with other participants by posting an introduction, replying to others, and commenting on activities
  • done a self-assessment quiz of how self-directed you are
  • identified opportunities to learn English on your own in your daily life
  • critiqued one prevalent language learning myth by writing a short paragraph and posting it on the forum


To have this week count towards your Certificate of Participation, you will need to:

  • maintain regular attendance
  • post a list of your daily life opportunities to learn English on your own on the discussion forum
  • submit your critique of a language learning myth by posting it on the forum by the end of the week
  • explore a website or an app and share your thoughts about it on the forum


There are 7 activities this week:

  1. update your profile
  2. introduce yourself
  3. do a self-assessment quiz about how self-directed you are
  4. attend a virtual class to discuss language learning myths
  5. watch a video about the world of English
  6. explore a language learning website or an app
  7. write a final reflection on learning this week

To go to these activities:

  • scroll down to “Lesson Topics” (below), or
  • scroll up to the navigation menu on the left.

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