Cake idioms

Step 1

Study the power point to get to know this week’s idioms.

Step 2

Listen to the dialogue. Can you identify the idioms in the conversation?  Listen to the conversation more than once if you need.

Step 3

Read the dialogue to understand the correct usage of the idioms.

AlejandroMom, my math test is next week.
MotherSo, you must start studying! It’s not going to be a piece of cake, you know.
AlejandroDon’t worry. I have been studying a lot with my teacher at school.
MotherGreat! So your mark should take the cake!
AlejandroWell, I’ll try my best. My friend Jimmy and I want to ask Mr. Mathews to tutor us after school.He charges 20 dollars an hour. What do you say mom? May I ask him?
Mother20 dollars an hour is not cheap, but if you think it will be the icing on the cake, then you should. Will Jimmy share the fee?
AlejandroWell, he said that he can’t afford to pay now, but maybe later he can.
MotherHmmm …. It sounds like your friend wants to have his cake and eat it too. But that’s ok, we’ll pay that fee this time. For future, though, I don’t want people to take advantage of you. Make sure you get a slice of the cake, OK?
AlejandroThanks mom! I’ll call to confirm with him.
MotherSounds good!

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Practice makes perfect!


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