Dog Idioms

Step 1

Study the infographic. Read the dialog and pay attention to the vocabulary used in the dialog. Use a dictionary if you need help with the expressions.

Yulia: I am so upset with my grandfather recently. Today, I dropped by and found out he stayed home all the weekend reading one of the books I lent him. When I wanted to take it back, I saw it was all dog-eared. Briar: I am sorry to hear that, but I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Yulia: That’s true. Since my grandfather started living alone, it seems like he’s been leading a dog’s life. Briar: Is he still working? I find that when people are involved in some activity, they tend to be more energetic and happier with their life. Yulia: My grandfather retired last year. He used to be a top dog at his company. He made an amazing career which in many situations meant sacrificing his family life. When he finally decided to resign, I was happy like a dog with two tails. I thought he would enjoy spending more time with us. Briar: Your father’s job played a big role in his life. This could be a reason why he is so unsociable now. Don’t worry, I am sure your grandfather will be fine over time. Every dog has its day.


Dog Idioms Quiz

Read the sentences and decide on the correct meaning of idiomatic expressions in them.

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