Expenses Idioms

Step 1

Study the Powerpoint  slides to learn this week’s idioms.

Step 2

Listen to the dialogue for better understanding and pronunciation.


Step 3

Read the following dialogue to see the idioms in context:

Alex:Hi Jay!
Jay:Hello Alex! Wow! Nice car!
Alex:Yeah, it’s cool, isn’t it? It’s just that I ended up paying through the nose for it! I do think I went a little overboard when I decided to buy it!
Jay:Oh, I understand. I’ve had my share of purchases that bled me dry. At some point, me and being broke was “as sure as death and taxes”, so to speak…
Alex:Hahaha! I hear you! Well, it’s not like we’re spending from the public purse, so since we work so hard to earn the money, we might as well spend it on the things we love, right?
Jay:Spot on!
Alex:Ok, let’s go car! I love you again! Nice talking to you, Jay! Bye!
Jay:Good bye Alex! Nice car!

Quiz Time

Click to flip in the bottom right corner to see a definition. Click the next arrow to go to the next expression. Click Choose a Study Mode to select a different type of quiz for this vocabulary set.
Remember! Practice makes perfect.

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