Personality Idioms 2

Step 1

Study the power point to get to know this week’s idioms.

Step 2

Listen to the dialogue for better understanding and pronunciation.


Step 3

Read the following dialogue to see the idioms in context:

Tatiana:Hey Natalia. What’s going on?
Natalia:Why? Do I look nervous? I could hardly sleep last night.
Tatiana:Well, you look great – fresh as a daisy, but you do seem a little nervous. Normally you are so happy-go-lucky.
Natalia:I am just a little nervous because I am doing several presentations today.
Tatiana:You have done many presentations, with great success. What’s different this time?
Natalia:This time I will be presenting in front of people from all over Manitoba, including some of the top dogs in the industry. I hope I am ready for this! I don’t want to feel like a small fry!
Tatiana:A small fry? Are you kidding me? Everyone knows how accomplished you are. I don’t think anyone will see you as a small fry!
Natalia:I hope you’re right, but maybe …
Tatiana:Maybe what, Natalia?
Natalia:On the other hand, I don’t want to come across as high and mighty. I heard the master of ceremonies is quick tempered. Maybe …
Tatiana:Natalia, maybe you should just get out there, relax and do a wonderful presentation!
Natalia:Thanks for the kind words, Tatiana.
Tatiana:No problem! Just remember to give me a call when you are done and let me know how it went.
Natalia:Will do!

Quiz time!
Click to flip in the bottom right corner to see a definition. Click the next arrow to go to the next expression. Click Choose a Study Mode to select a different type of quiz for this vocabulary set.
Remember! Practice makes perfect.


Now test your knowledge about personality idioms!

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