Fall Idioms 1

Step 1

Fall will soon be upon us! Study the Powerpoint Presentation below to learn our “Fall Idioms” this week:

Step 2

Listen to the following dialogue. Can you recognize our featured idioms? You may want to listen more than once.

Step 3

Now, look at the script of the dialog. Listen to the dialog again. This will help you build your listening skills.

NataliaWow! Can you believe that the official start of fall is less than a week away?
JohannaI know the summer always passes so fast!
NataliaBut you know, we shouldn’t let that get us down. We may still have some nice weather ahead of us. Are you going to try to finish those outdoor projects?
JohannaWell, we are going to finish the fence, but some of our plans have fallen by the wayside.
NataliaI know what you mean. We had so many plans in May, but most of them fell through the cracks. We had a few friends that promised to help us, but every weekend it’s the same thing; they
seem to fall off the radar.
JohannaYes, that can be difficult. I asked my son to help me paint our fence this year, but my requests always seem to fall on deaf ears.
NataliaHey, let’s not let our plans fall flat! Why don’t we get together and help each other!
JohannaGreat idea! This weekend we can build your deck, and then next weekend we’ll paint my fence.
let’s get started!

Quiz time!


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