Fall Idioms 2

Step 1

More fall idioms to celebrate this colourful season!

Step 2

Now would be a good time to listen to a dialog. Can you identify the idioms in the conversation? Listen to the conversation more than once if you need.

Step 3

Now, look at the script of the dialog. Listen to the dialog again. This is a proven method to improve your listening skills!

Johanna:Hi Natalia, are you ready to get started on your deck? Hey! What happened to you?
Natalia:Well, I was reaching for something high in my cupboard and I slipped. I fell like a tonne of bricks. I am in so much pain!
Johanna:I can see that! That’s quite a gash you have on your leg!
Natalia:I’ll be ok. Luckily I fell back on this chair, so it broke my fall a little bit.
Johanna:I better give you a ride to the walk-in-clinic.
Natalia:No, that’s ok Johanna, I think I can make it.
Johanna:Maybe you can, but don’t you that pride comes before a fall? Who knows what other damage you might have done to your leg? I insist on giving you a ride.
Natalia:But, Johanna, you have so many things to do! What about your fence? I don’t want you to fall behind on your tasks!
Johanna:I know we had things to do today, but I don’t mind if I have to fall short of my goals. This is so much more important! We can make it up when you are feeling better.
Natalia:Ok, I can see there is no point in arguing, but I insist that I buy you lunch on the way back from the clinic.
Johanna:Ok, that’s a deal I can live with!


Check your understanding!

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