Family idioms

Step 1

This week we will learn family idioms. Study the Powerpoint below. Do you recognize any of the idioms?

Step 2

Read the dialogue to understand the correct usage of the idioms.


EmyYesterday, I saw Ivy after a long time.
EchoReally! I haven’t seen her since we left high school. How is she?
EmyShe is working as a teacher and she is in a family way.
EchoThat’s exciting! I remember she had beautiful long hair and blue eyes.
EmyYes, it runs in her family. I’ve seen her sister and she is beautiful too.
EchoWhen are you planning to start a family? You have been married for five years now.
EmyI want to share something with you as you are like one of the family to me.
EchoOh yes! You can share anything with me. I am your best friend forever (BFF).
EmyJohn and I are planning to start a family next year. His mother has offered to help us take care of the baby. It’s so difficult to look after a newborn. I was thinking of hiring a nanny if she hadn’t offered her assistance.
EchoI think calling your mother-in-law is a better decision as blood is thicker than water. She will shower her grandchild with love and affection.
EmyThat’s true.
EchoWish you all the best with your plans.
EmyThanks, my BFF.

Step 3

Listen to the dialogue for correct pronunciation and usage of the above idioms.


Step 4

Quiz time! Click to flip in the bottom right corner to see a definition. Click the next arrow to go to the next expression. Click choose a study mode to select a different type of quiz for this vocabulary set.

Remember! Practice makes perfect.


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