Friendship idioms

Step 1

Study the power point to get to know this week’s idioms.

Step 2

Listen to the dialogue for better understanding and pronunciation.

Step 3

Read the following dialogue to see the idioms in context:

Alex:Where are you off to so early?
Martha:I am going cycling with Jacob. I made friends with him at the corporate party last week, remember? So, it turns out he likes biking, too.
Alex:No doubt, birds of feather flock together.
Martha:That’s right. And what are you up to this morning?
Alex:Emmm, I think I am going to stay home and relax.
Martha:Do you want to join us? I know you like exercising.
Alex:Thank you, but I think I’ll skip this time. Two’s company … three’s a crowd.
Martha:All right, but why don’t you call Angela then and go out? I can’t look at you staying at home all the time like this.
Alex:Emmm, I am at odds with her. When I had problems finding a new job, she didn’t show any support.
Martha:Oh, she is just a fair-weather friend. Don’t waste your time on her.
Alex:Yes, that’s what I am going to do. Maybe I’d better keep her at arm’s length for now.

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Friendship idioms

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