Soccer Idioms

Step 1

Study the infographic. Read the dialog and pay attention to the idioms used in the dialog. Use a dictionary if you need help with the vocabulary.

Soccer Idioms Infographic: Sharmila: Hi Yuliana, what's going on? Yuliana: Not much. I'm just kicking around an idea. Sharmila: Really what about? Yuliana: Well, my company has offered me a new position with more responsibilities. The offer was a huge surprise. Sharmila: Wow! Good for you! You must be very happy! Yuliana: I am very happy, but I'm a little worried, too. I feel if I take that position, I'd be out of my league. All the other people in that department have so much more experience than I do. Sharmila: Yuliana, you must accept the offer. If they didn't think you could do the job, they wouldn't have offered it to you. Don't play it safe, accept the offer. Yuliana: Thanks Sharmila. You've convinced me to take the job. I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines! Sharmila: Good for you, Yuliana!



Soccer Idioms Quiz

Read the sentences and select the appropriate answer.

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