Spring Idioms

Step 1

Study the powerpoint below to know the meaning of our featured idioms:

Step 2

Now would be a good time to listen to a dialog. Can you identify the idioms in the conversation? Listen to the conversation more than once if you need.

Step 3

Next, read the script of the dialogue. Then, listen to the dialogue again. This is one of the best ways to build your listening skills!

Mika and Yu-jin are looking out of the window and talking about the weather. They are new to Manitoba and this is their first winter in Canada.

Mika:Snow again! I’m quite ticked off about shoveling day after day.
Yu-jin:Yeah, indeed! Every time I see snow fall, my heart sinks.
Mika:The weather has been nice for a few days last week, and I felt like spring was around the corner. But now, here we are freezing in -30 with windchill. Mother Nature seems to be playing tricks on us.
Yu-jin:You know people say that March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. Even in March we can’t expect a spring with flower blossoms like in our countries. That will be three more months away, they say.
Mika:Oh no … Back home, spring fever runs throughout the country once we get into March. I miss that!

Quiz time!

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Remember! Practice makes perfect.

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