Vacation Idioms

Step 1

Study the power point to get to know this week’s idioms.

Step 2

Listen to a dialogue. Can you identify the idioms in the conversation? Listen to the conversation more than once if you need.

Step 3

Now, look at the script of the dialogue. Listen to the dialogue again. This will help you build your listening skills.

Gregory:Hi Gab! How’s your summer vacation coming along?
Gab:Oh hi! It’s been great! I just came back from Paris yesterday. A couple of my friends and I travelled on a shoestring by backpacking through Europe.
Gregory:That sounds like fun!
Gab:Yes it was! There were a couple of times when we felt like fish out of water but otherwise, it was a great experience.
Gregory:What do you mean? Did Europeans give you a hard time?
Gab:No, it’s nothing like that. It’s just that some of the places we went to were not exactly welcoming to a couple of guys in shorts and sandals.
Gregory:Oh I see. I’m sure those troubles were like a drop in the ocean compared to the many fun experiences you guys had.
Gab:Yeah, you’re right. One of my friends even had a summer fling with a French girl we met at a hostel. We had so much fun that the group is planning on going on another trip. We might go to New York next week.
Gregory:That’s nice! You guys should make hay while the sun shines. Next month, you’ll be back in school again. Maybe you can catch a Broadway play while you’re there!
Gab:That sounds good to me, but sitting through a play will be like watching grass grow for some of the guys!
Gregory:Well, I know your group will find fun things to do. Just stay safe and have a happy trip!

Quiz Time!

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Remember! Practice makes perfect.


Vacation Idioms


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