Winter Idioms and Colloquial Phrases

Step 1

Read our featured idioms in the Powerpoint presentation below. Understand the sentences and see how the idioms are used.

Step 2

Now that you are a little more familiar with the idioms, listen to the dialogue.

Can you hear the idioms? Listen again.

Step 3

Now, read the script of the dialog. Listen to the dialog again. This is one of the best ways to build your listening skills!

Minh:Hasan, did you hear that our winter party will be on the Thursday night before Christmas?
Hasan:Yeah, I guess they’re going to do the same dull stuff again.
Minh:No kidding. I remember that the president’s speech was quite a snooze-fest last year.
Hasan:I hope he’s not going to make a long speech this year.
Minh:I was wondering if the Employee of the Year is going to be announced. Remember last year? Todd won, and when his name was called, everyone raised their eyebrows.
Hasan:Yeah, it was unusual that someone who hasn’t managed a large project got the award. It was definitely a feather in his cap though.
Minh:But the band they brought in was nice. It got us all on our feet at the end of the party.
Hasan:Yeah, that was pretty rare for one of our parties.
Minh:Oh, speaking of entertainment, the IT team is going to set up an interactive game. They really love to take center stage, I guess.
Hasan:That’s for sure.

Now take a moment to study these flashcards and some other activities!


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