Canada, eh?

Step 1

If you have been in Canada for any length of time, you probably have discovered that people here say “eh” a lot. Even if a person was not born here, this expression will soon become a part of his or her vocabulary. If you are not using this expression yet, sooner or later you will, too!

Study the infographic below.

Eh? infographic: To make an accusation - "You ate the last cookie, eh?"; To confirm information - "You're from Poland, eh?"; To express excitement - "What a great game, eh?"; You can also use "eh" just to be friendly - "Have a great day, eh?"

Step 2

Use “eh” in a real-life conversation. Write about the conversation on the discussion forum. We will give you prompt feedback, eh!


..., eh? Quiz

What’s interesting about this expression is that it is such a small word, but it has so many uses.

The following quiz presents several situations where “eh” would be an appropriate response. Your job here is to figure out the meaning of the expression, based on the context.

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