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5 habits that are here to stay in this “new normal”

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3 tips for the best summer staycation experience

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5 tips for hosting effective virtual meetings

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Home and personal safety in summer

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Hiring during the pandemic: 5 tips for a successful online job interview

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Should you wear a mask? Here’s Q&A to help you understand why you should

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Government benefits and supports during the COVID-19 pandemic

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To help Canadians during this pandemic, the Government of Canada has introduced an aid package consisting of the following: The… Read more »

5 easy things to do now to boost your immunity

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If there’s one thing that we learned from this pandemic, it is that good health is our most important asset…. Read more »

5 facts about the diversity of Indigenous Peoples

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The first inhabitants of Canada, our Indigenous friends, welcome us to their homelands. But aside from the fact that they… Read more »

Top tips and resources to keep yourself healthy while in quarantine

Mom and baby doing sit-ups

The province has eased COVID restrictions and businesses are now gradually opening. Are you keeping cautious and still spending more… Read more »

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