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5 things to know about the Federal Election

door to an Elections Canada polling station

Canadians will flock to the polls on September 20, 2021 to make an important choice. As early as now, you… Read more »

How do I change my doctor in Manitoba?

Lady grimacing in pain

Have you ever had stomach pain so bad you couldn’t stand straight? I had to endure such pain for three… Read more »

What to do when you don’t have Canadian work experience

person wearing a white shirt with the word "volunteer" on the chest

One of the major challenges that most newcomers face is the lack of Canadian work experience in their resume. This… Read more »

Back-to-school preparations 2021: Steps to ensure your kid’s safety

Kids in masks walking a school hallway

School starts on September 7. It’s understandable if you have concerns about your kids’ health and safety with the virus… Read more »

Planning on travelling soon? Here’s what you need to know

Lady with mask at the airport

Many of us are thinking about finally taking that long-awaited vacation trip. Especially if you’re already fully vaccinated, you might… Read more »

5 effective and easy ways to handle extreme heat this summer

Man drinking from a bottle and wiping sweat away

We all look forward to warm summer days but the record-breaking temperatures we’re experiencing right now can be too much…. Read more »

Do you need a vaccination card?

Hand holding a sticker saying "I've got my COVID-19 vaccine

Manitoba is currently the leading province in terms of the number of administered vaccinations. If you are one of these… Read more »

Looking for work as an international student in Manitoba? Here is what you need to know

Two young people trained by an experienced women.

Manitoba has one of the most diversified economies in Canada. Whether oil prices are down or the inflation rate is… Read more »

5 reasons why Manitoba is a great choice for international students

A group of young people smiling

Quick Facts: Manitoba had the third-lowest tuition costs in Canada for international students in 2020. (Canadian and international tuition fees… Read more »

Fully vaccinated? Here’s what’s safe for you to do

lady with mask flexing her arm

Vaccination efforts have been intensified all over the province, and we’re meeting our first and second dose targets ahead of… Read more »

5 steps to becoming an international student in Manitoba

Four multicultural students

Manitoba has many things to offer international students. Aside from the top-notch education system, the province has lower tuition costs… Read more »

5 spring and summer safety tips

close-up shot of bonfire

Canadians enjoy some of the best spring and summer seasons. They take advantage of the great weather to have lots… Read more »

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