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Dealing with job insecurity: 5 ways to be proactive about it

woman seated and looking down

Job insecurity or instability is the “overall concern about the continued existence of (the) your job in the future” (Hassard,… Read more »

Thinking of becoming mentor? Here’s what you need to know

basketball coach talking to the team

Remember when you were just starting out in Manitoba? Did someone advise you about what to do in your first… Read more »

A quick guide to driving regulations in Manitoba

driver fixing rear-view mirror in car

Getting around Manitoba may be one of your top concerns in your first few days. Here is a quick guide… Read more »

Baby on board: What to know about child car seat regulation in Manitoba

Parent securing baby in car seat

You child’s safety is your priority. This is why Manitoba imposes strict laws requiring child car seats. Studies have shown… Read more »

How to speak to your boss effectively

Man explaining something to his boss

Learning how to communicate effectively with your boss is an important part of relationship-building and establishing your credibility in the… Read more »

Self-care: A critical ingredient to your success

yoga instructor and student doing a pose

Aside from learning the language and adapting to culture, newcomers should add self-care to their list of priorities. We are… Read more »

What is NEXUS? What are the benefits of being a member?

Travelers going to the NEXUS lane

If you are frequent traveler, chances are you have noticed the NEXUS sign at most ports of entry to Canada… Read more »

5 best techniques to boost self-directed learning

finger pointing on a map

To be a successful online learner, you have to be self-directed. What does that actually mean? Most of us are… Read more »

5 most effective ways to support your kids adjusting to school

kids in kindergarten class

“They don’t understand me, Mama! They don’t want to play with me.” This is what Fatima’s six-year old told her… Read more »

Can I afford post-secondary education? Financial help for Manitoban students

University students in a class

The cost of post-secondary studies will depend on the kind of program you intend to take and how long it… Read more »

Why working while studying is good for you – 5 tips to succeed

barista and cashier at a coffee shop

Balancing work demands with school deadlines is a skill young people may find hard to handle. On the other hand,… Read more »

What is elder abuse and how do we prevent it?

sad old man

Did you know that between 4% and 10% of older adults experience one or more forms of abuse or neglect… Read more »

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