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Whether you have questions about employment, housing or life in Manitoba in general, you will find the right information here. Browse topics related to immigrating to this beautiful Canadian province, read the articles that will help you get settled, and get connected with useful community resources.

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Applying for citizenship: A step-by-step guide

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5 benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen

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Ice Hockey basics: Knowing more about how the game is played

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Is your child ready for a mobile phone? 3 considerations before you get one

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What are Pow Wows, vision quests and sweat lodges?

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When we think of Indigenous Peoples’ traditions and spiritual practices, images of colourful and intricate regalia, lively dances, and rhythmic… Read more »

5 tips to keep your gadgets in tip top shape

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What are Treaties? Why should you know about them?

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When we go to certain places around Manitoba, we hear people say this phrase (or a variation of it) or… Read more »

Have you heard about the exciting world of Supply Chain Management?

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Feeling down? 5 things to do today to boost your self-esteem

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Tips for first-time bus riders

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Want to get more familiar with the Winnipeg Transit before you take your first ride? Watch this video from Winnipeg… Read more »

Have you heard about gender neutral pronouns?

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Here’s an important topic in your EAL studies: Gender neutral pronouns. To refresh your memory, pronouns are used in place… Read more »

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