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Whether you have questions about employment, housing or life in Manitoba in general, you will find the right information here. Browse topics related to immigrating to this beautiful Canadian province, read the articles that will help you get settled, and get connected with useful community resources.

Our articles are divided into twelve main themes: About Canada, Living in Manitoba, Community Circles, Health Care, Employment, Language Training, Education, Rights & Freedoms, Laws & Justice, Canadian Citizenship, Digital Citizenship, and Learning Strategies.

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Ramadan etiquette: Is it okay to eat in front of Muslims during Ramadan?

Man eating donut with worried look on his face

Are you a non-Muslim who wants to be respectful of the religious practices of your Muslim friends and colleagues during… Read more »

REES: Working towards a more inclusive and productive community by supporting people of all abilities

REES Banner "Let us help you reach yur potential"

Condensed from a presentation made by Ajibola Akindipe, Intake Counsellor, REES Everyone benefits when each member of the community is… Read more »

Are you a business-minded young person? Learn business 101 at the Y

Participants to the Self Employment Program and Youth Employment Program smiling

Interview with Sanjana Vijayann, Program Coordinator Youth Entrepreneurship Program, YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg (Business Training Centre) When we think of the… Read more »

Success Skills Centre: Leveraging international skills to enrich the Canadian workforce

Four collegues touching hands during a meeting

Success Skills Centre is a Winnipeg institution in itself. For more than 34 years now, it has assisted countless newcomers… Read more »

“There will always be a job for someone with the right attitude and work ethic”

Two people shaking hands

An interview with the people of Success Skills Centre Getting a job is one of the most urgent concerns that… Read more »

Who are Canada’s founding peoples?

Illustration of Jacques Cartier meeting with Indigenous Peoples in 1535

Canada has always been known as a multicultural country. But has it always been so? Have you ever wondered who… Read more »

All about Manitoba’s Child and Family Services (CFS)

A family of five

Healthy and happy families make a strong community. This is why the welfare of parents and children is a government… Read more »

Did you know that journaling can change your life and improve your language skills?

Lady journaling by the beach

What do Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill have in common? They all kept journals! In fact, it… Read more »

Speak better: 5 easy ways to improve your pronunciation

Man listening to a woman speak

Do you often get asked to repeat yourself? Do people find it hard to understand what you’re saying? Don’t worry…. Read more »

What is Winnipeg Whiteout all about?

Go Jets Go banner

If you are lost in all of the Winnipeg Whiteout fanfare going on and would like to get in on… Read more »

Watch out for these 10 dangerous emails that are out to scam you

Road sign saying "Fraud Alert"

Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated with their schemes these days. You could become a victim if you’re not… Read more »

MFL Occupational Health Centre: Educating newcomers about workplace health and safety

photos showing MFL OHC services

Interview with Geethanjalie Jayasinghe, Counsellor/Community Development Worker Do you know your workplace’s health and safety guidelines? Most of us don’t… Read more »

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