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Whether you have questions about employment, housing or life in Manitoba in general, you will find the right information here. Browse topics related to immigrating to this beautiful Canadian province, read the articles that will help you get settled, and get connected with useful community resources.

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Travelling outside of Manitoba or Canada? How to ensure a safe and worry-free trip

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Going on a trip soon? Whether it’s for vacation, business or any other reason, travelling outside the province or abroad… Read more »

5 ways to protect your kids from online dangers

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With all the news about cyberbullying, catfishing or the Momo and Tide Pod challenges, parents seem to have a lot… Read more »

8 tips for dealing with a difficult landlord

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Having landlord troubles? Are your requests for repairs or missing amenities falling on deaf ears? Is the landlord unreachable, MIA… Read more »

Giving customer feedback: Why it’s important and how best to give your two cents worth

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Have you ever given feedback on a product or service? It can be as simple as telling a supermarket clerk… Read more »

Family Dynamics: Building a community of empowered individuals and healthy families

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Are you a newcomer living in the following areas? Tuxedo, River Heights, and Fort Rouge Fort Garry, Fort Richmond and… Read more »

You know you’ve turned into a Manitoban when . . .

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There was a time when everything in Manitoba seemed foreign to you. But slowly and surely, despite the temperature and… Read more »

Holy Names House of Peace: A safe haven in the heart of the city

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Interview with Sister Lesley Sacouman, Executive Coordinator English Online had the privilege of chatting recently with Sister Lesley Sacouman, founder… Read more »

5 tips for a happy and healthy pregnancy

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Congratulations! Expecting a child is one of greatest events in family life. If you are pregnant (or wanting to get… Read more »

Looking to expand your career options? Discover your transferable skills

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Whether your occupation is regulated or not, having more than one career option is an advantage for a newcomer to… Read more »

Be media smart! Assessing online information in 5 steps

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Most of us rely on the information we get on the internet. It’s easy and we get our answers quickly…. Read more »

10 websites every Manitoban newcomer should bookmark

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Need information quickly? That’s what websites are for. The following are the top websites you should bookmark to have handy… Read more »

What’s the big deal about being on time? Why do you need to be punctual in Canada?

torso of business man hurrying for an appointment

Do you come from a culture where a 9:00 am appointment really means 9:30? In my home country, if you… Read more »

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