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5 steps to becoming an international student in Manitoba

Four multicultural students

Manitoba has many things to offer international students. Aside from the top-notch education system, the province has lower tuition costs… Read more »

5 spring and summer safety tips

close-up shot of bonfire

Canadians enjoy some of the best spring and summer seasons. They take advantage of the great weather to have lots… Read more »

The Census: What it is and why you need to be counted

Lady working on her kitchen table with a laptop

Canada holds a census every five years. It is done to provide a “statistical portrait” of the country and its… Read more »

Census basics and safety tips

People sitting on grass with shirts spelling out TEAM

So you received mail from Statistics Canada asking you to fill out a questionnaire. And you’re wondering: I’m not a… Read more »

5 steps to becoming an active listener

Two women talking

Active listening is being fully present and being actively engaged in a conversation. The goal is to understand, not to… Read more »

What to expect on your first dental appointment

Man smiling at dentist

An upcoming visit to the dentist can make you anxious. Some anticipate pain, others feel helpless or embarrassed about having… Read more »

10 more useful phrases to know (and use) at work

casual office meeting

Have you heard a buzzword or idiom you didn’t understand at work? When this happens, it can seem like people… Read more »

Vaccine after-care: What to expect after you get the COVID-19 vaccine

Man feeling the forehead of a lady who is feeling sick

The province’s vaccine program is expected to move rapidly this spring and summer. As your vaccination schedule nears (or if… Read more »

Want to be a better speaker? 5 quick tips for clear and compelling speech

Woman talking to two co-workers

Speaking can be a challenge when you’re still learning English. Building your vocabulary and improving your grammar and accent require… Read more »

8 smart and powerful phrases to use at work

Woman smiling at co-worker

Would you know what to do if your boss tells you to “fast track this project”? Will you be happy… Read more »

Need good care for your teeth? Where to go for dental care in MB

Patient having a dental check-up

You may have noticed that dental care is not part of your Manitoba Health Insurance. Services like cleaning, extraction, braces,… Read more »

Travelling to Canada during COVID-19? Here’s what you need to know

"Travel restrictions" graphic

Travel is generally discouraged during this time. Whether you are traveling to, from, or within Canada, restrictions are understandably in… Read more »

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