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Want to know more about your new country? Visit a museum

Manitoba museum and Winnipeg planetarium

Did you know that there are almost 200 museums in Manitoba? According to the Association of Manitoban Museums (AMM), there… Read more »

Cultural sensitivity: 3 things not to say or do in a multicultural setting

a group of people discussing in an office setting

One of the best things about living and working in Manitoba is that it welcomes diversity. It is one of… Read more »

Myths and facts about Indigenous peoples

Traditional dancer at Manito Ahbee

Myth: Indigenous people do not pay taxes. Fact: All Indigenous people are required to pay taxes like all other Canadians…. Read more »

From eggs to whips: Easter celebrations all over the world

Various pysanky

In the religious sense, Easter is a Christian celebration commemorating the resurrection Christ. Today, it is considered a secular holiday… Read more »

What newcomers need to know about residential schools

children reading in a classroom at a residential school

When we talk about the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada, the term “residential schools” always comes up. What are… Read more »

5 things to watch out for in spring

girl blowing nose in a field

It is said that there is a good and bad side to everything. Just as the warmer weather, blooming of… Read more »

5 steps for lodging an effective customer complaint

Customer at a hotel desk staffed by two men

We sometimes do not get the right service. It can be a reservation that was lost, an advertised discount not… Read more »

Getting ahead of objections to being hired

Woman in a job interview

One of the most important preparations for a job interview is to anticipate objections a hiring manager may have about… Read more »

Refused entry: Canada’s early days of xenophobia

Refugee family in a press conference

We know Canada today as one of the most welcoming countries in the world. A pioneer in upholding multiculturalism, diversity,… Read more »

Tired of studying English? Here’s what you can do to get your enthusiasm back

guy exhausted from studying

Have you reached a point where you just want to give up learning English? If you notice that you have… Read more »

Nutrition, cooking and gardening programs in Winnipeg

girl presenting freshly-picked vegetables

Food is one of the major concerns newcomers have upon arriving in Manitoba. Many wonder whether they can have access… Read more »

5 things to know about the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The CMHR building amid the backdrop of clear, blue skies

By now you must’ve seen this building that is fast-becoming one of Canada’s most iconic symbols. The Canadian Museum for… Read more »

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