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Whether you have questions about employment, housing or life in Manitoba in general, you will find the right information here. Browse topics related to immigrating to this beautiful Canadian province, read the articles that will help you get settled, and get connected with useful community resources.

Our articles are divided into twelve main themes: About Canada, Living in Manitoba, Community Circles, Health Care, Employment, Language Training, Education, Rights & Freedoms, Laws & Justice, Canadian Citizenship, Digital Citizenship, and Learning Strategies.

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5 common qualities of fantastic public speakers

Man speaking in front of colleagues

Want to be a great public speaker? That’s a fantastic goal! Having the ability to speak effectively to many people… Read more »

5 types of job interviews and how to prepare for them

A lady being interviewed by a panel of three

Job interviews can come in various formats. What you’ll face will depend on the industry you belong to and the… Read more »

First Nations Groups in Manitoba: Dene

Article thumbnail fallback

The Denesuliné (pronounced: Den-a-sooth-leh-na), or Dene, lived in a very large part of Turtle Island (North America) for 12,000 years…. Read more »

Do you feel lost? 5 reasons you’re feeling this way

Sad lady sitting on windowsill

Newcomers are some of the most resilient and goal-oriented individuals you can come across. For many of us, moving to… Read more »

First Nations Groups in Manitoba: Dakota

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In 2010, the Assiniboine Zoo gifted a white buffalo to Sioux Valley Dakota Nation ( see the calf here: Rare… Read more »

5 surprising benefits of hiking

Two people hiking on a snowy trail

Have you tried hiking? Many Manitobans love this pastime! It’s the perfect activity because of Manitoba’s big and beautiful parks…. Read more »

Did you know that Manitoba holds several “World’s capital …” titles?

Spirit Way Wolf Mural, a Polar bear, crocus flower, sunflower, and Chuck the Channel Cat monument

There is more to Manitoba than meets the eye! From its diverse natural resources to its marvelous wildlife, there are… Read more »

Has your home been tested for radon? Here’s why it’s important

A couple and an agent wearing masks while looking at a house

It is concerning that Manitoba is the second leading province with homes having radon levels higher than Health Canada’s guidelines…. Read more »

Worried about your road test? Here are 5 tips to help you pass with flying colours

Person driving with a passenger

Taking the road test may not be something you’re looking forward to. Someone watching you drive closely can make you… Read more »

5 easy tips to become a good speller

Letters in blue and red saying SPELLING with a background of dictionary pages

Do you find it hard to spell words correctly? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In an era of auto-correct and… Read more »

Copyright Law in Canada: A newcomer’s guide

A gavel beside some books, one of copyright law

Picture someone coming up with an idea. They work on it day and night, researching, designing, and testing their idea…. Read more »

First Nations groups in MB: The Ininew

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There are five First Nation groups in Manitoba: the Ininew (Cree), the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe), the Oji-Cree, the Denesuline, and the… Read more »

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