Simple English Articles (CLB3-4)


Below you will find articles translated to simple English. If you are at the lower intermediate language level, these are for you!

We started with our 10 most-read articles. We will be adding more in the coming days.

Happy reading!

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5 proven ways to learn English quickly

Lady with headset on

For newcomers to Manitoba, being able to communicate in English is key to accessing essential services, finding job opportunities, and… Read more »

5 facts you need to know about crime in Winnipeg

Yellow "crime scene do not cross" tape

Canada is not known to be a dangerous country. In fact, it is among the top 15 safest countries of… Read more »

Top 15 articles to prepare you for a successful career in Canada

Man extends handshake to new hire

If you’ve done research about the Canadian job market before coming, that’s great! This is important since the job search… Read more »

How to learn at English Online

Woman smiling sitting on the bed with laptop

Welcome to the English Online community! You are improving your English language skills and learning more about life in Canada…. Read more »

How to stay fit and active indoors

Woman doing stretches in her living room

Did you know that leading a sedentary lifestyle puts you at 112% higher risk of developing diabetes and 147% higher… Read more »

5 tips to avoid bike theft in Winnipeg

Person holding bike

Winnipeg is a great city to bike in – it’s flat, and there are more bike lanes each year. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Work smarter not harder: Tips to boost your efficiency without burning out

Lady looking fed up as four co-workers point at her

Do you believe in “hustle culture?” Hustle culture is “the mentality that one must work all day every day in… Read more »

Beware of romance scams! Recognize the 5 red flags

Love to the moon and back message on a mobile phone

Did you know that romance scams were responsible for the second highest amount of fraud-related dollar loss in 2021? Yes,… Read more »

Online class etiquette: Why is it important?

girl with laptop with "Netiquette Basics" on screen

Etiquette refers to a set of customs and rules acceptable in social groups or social situations. It is sometimes called… Read more »

Tax season also means scam season

Man looking at mobile phone with the message "send money"

Most of us are probably aware of the CRA phone call scam by now. This is when a person pretending… Read more »

Dealing with difficult co-workers: Do’s and don’ts

Man covering face in exasperation while two people whisper in the background

All of us have had to deal with co-workers who are difficult to work with. Maybe you’ve had colleagues who… Read more »

5 quick tips to make online learning work for you

A group of people looking at a laptop

About to take an online course? Congratulations! You’ll discover that e-learning is a great choice. If you’re looking for tips… Read more »

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