Simple English Articles (CLB3-4)


Below you will find articles translated to simple English. If you are at the lower intermediate language level, these are for you!

We started with our 10 most-read articles. We will be adding more in the coming days.

Happy reading!

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5 holiday symbols and what they mean

snowflake ornament on a tree

Around late October right after all the Halloween excitement has died down, you will notice that people start putting up… Read more »

Types of language training programs for newcomers in Canada

Profile of woman speaking.

Newcomers will find great language programs to help them learn Canada’s official languages, English and/or French. These language programs are… Read more »

A quick guide to driving regulations in Manitoba

driver fixing rear-view mirror in car

Getting around Manitoba may be one of your top concerns in your first few days. Here is a quick guide… Read more »

How to speak to your boss effectively

Man explaining something to his boss

Learning how to communicate effectively with your boss is an important part of relationship-building and establishing your credibility in the… Read more »

5 best techniques to boost self-directed learning

finger pointing on a map

To be a successful online learner, you have to be self-directed. What does that actually mean? Most of us are… Read more »

5 most effective ways to support your kids adjusting to school

kids in kindergarten class

“They don’t understand me, Mama! They don’t want to play with me.” This is what Fatima’s six-year old told her… Read more »

Too busy to learn English? Consider LINC Home Study

lady using a laptop while reclining on couch

Praba’s first weeks in Manitoba were a flurry of activity. There were seminars at Entry Program, career coaching at Manitoba… Read more »

3 exciting summer projects to hone your skills

two women having fun by the beach

Want to make your summer memorable and productive? Stretch your creativity and practice your language skills by trying one of… Read more »

I can’t follow my online class. What do I do?

lady working on a laptop

First time to join an online class? It’s ok to feel lost. It can be overwhelming sometimes. The first thing… Read more »

Participating in the Manitoba Election

directional signs saying "Choice"

The province will have an early election this term. The premier moved up the provincial election to September 10 this… Read more »

How to disagree at work

woman with expressive face listens to a person talking in a meeting

There is no progress in a workplace where everybody agrees and nobody disagrees. As American writer Walter Lippmann said, “Where… Read more »

Why you should join online forums

Lady typing on a laptop

Participating in an online forum is one of the best ways that you can maximize learning in your online class…. Read more »

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