Simple English Articles (CLB3-4)


Below you will find articles translated to simple English. If you are at the lower intermediate language level, these are for you!

We started with our 10 most-read articles. We will be adding more in the coming days.

Happy reading!

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5 ways a permanent resident may be forced to leave Canada

Man with luggage at the airport

Canada is a welcoming country. Every year, thousands of immigrants move here for a better life. While the country offers… Read more »

Should I sue? 4 questions to ask before filing a lawsuit

Lawyer examining documents

No one likes to be treated badly. If you’ve been harmed or your rights violated, you should take action. Depending… Read more »

How are Canadian laws made? A simple guide

Gavel on a judge's desk

The law is the glue that holds a society together. It is a collection of rules that maintain order and… Read more »

Canadian law basics every newcomer should know

woman draped with Canadian flag

Everyone should familiarize themselves with basic Canadian laws and legal systems. These laws are designed to protect the rights and… Read more »

Getting winter clothes for the first time? Here are some extra smart tips

A row of colourful winter jackets

The Old Farmer’s Almanac reports that winter will be colder than normal this year, with above-normal rain and snowfall. The… Read more »

Manitoba facts every Manitoban knows

Pisew Falls

Here are some outstanding facts every Manitoban knows and is proud of: Manitoba’s founder: Louis Riel Manitoba became the fifth… Read more »

3 of the best ways online information can be a lifesaver

Three friends having fun using a laptop and a smartphone

There’s so much online content out there, sometimes we can be overwhelmed. We can forget that the internet has so… Read more »

Parents’ guide to free extracurricular activities in Manitoba

Young lady looking at camera behind a wheel

Do you want your child to be a future leader? Getting them involved in extracurricular activities is a great way… Read more »

How to start thinking in English

Woman studying and thinking

The best way to improve your conversational skills is to start thinking in English. What does thinking in English mean?… Read more »

How to be motivated: Part 1 – Be kind to yourself

A small sign board saying "You got this."

Motivation is having enthusiasm to accomplish a goal. It can come from outside of yourself or from within yourself. For… Read more »

Manitoba’s amazing roadside attractions 2

Collage of four Manitoba roadside attractions

Can’t get enough of our weird and wonderful roadside landmarks? (See this if you missed Manitoba’s amazing roadside attractions 1)…. Read more »

Manitoba’s amazing roadside attractions 1

a collage of photos of Manitoba roadside attractions

A gigantic mosquito, a snake couple, a happy rock . . . these are just some examples of monuments representing… Read more »

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