Simple English Articles (CLB3-4)


Below you will find articles translated to simple English. If you are at the lower intermediate language level, these are for you!

We started with our 10 most-read articles. We will be adding more in the coming days.

Happy reading!

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Why is it important to be on time in Canada?

torso of business man hurrying for an appointment

Do you come from a culture where a 9:00 am appointment really means 9:30? In my home country, if you… Read more »

10 amazing facts about Canada’s geography

Aerial view of Wasaga Beach in Ontario

From its majestic mountains and green forests to its bustling cities, this beautiful land we’ve chosen to live in is… Read more »

5 steps to apply successfully for a volunteer position

A lady expressing enthusiasm during a job interview

Volunteering is not a matter of raising your hand and then you’re in. You have to know where to volunteer… Read more »

Can’t keep your child away from computer games? 10 steps to healthier gaming for kids

Two kids having fun playing a video game

Today’s video games have become so high-tech that it’s hard not to be amazed. Not only do they have hyper-realistic… Read more »

Should you call 911? Tips when calling emergency help

A police dispatcher answering calls

A timely call to 911 can be the difference between life and death. But do all emergency situations warrant a… Read more »

Improve your reading comprehension in 5 steps

Person reading a book

A big part of learning English is reading. Reading improves our vocabulary and helps us get used to sentence patterns…. Read more »

5 activities to do in January to start your year right

close-up of a runner's arms and legs at the starting mark

Start the tempo of your year on a high note! Take care of your body, mind, finances and even your… Read more »

8 habits that will help you avoid getting into debt

Man worried about credit card debt

Starting a new life in a new country can be expensive. You will need a new place to live in,… Read more »

10 ways to save money during the holidays and still have the best time

Money in bills fanned out near a Santa hat

Dreading the holidays because of the expenses? The cost of gifts, hosting parties and other holiday activities can pile up…. Read more »

5 practical techniques to improve your listening skills

A man with his hand to his ear

Have you noticed that you can find many tips on improving your speaking, reading and writing skills but not a… Read more »

Do you know your cannabis rules at work?

Man vaping at work

You may already know that cannabis is legal in Canada and that adults (19 years old and above) are allowed… Read more »

Finding the right school for your child

children and teacher in a classroom

For most parents, where they take their children to school largely depends on where they live. Children are accepted to… Read more »

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