1. Read about diversity

Did you know that Manitoba is one of Canada’s most diverse provinces? Diversity not only allows us to learn about one another’s cultures, it affords us the opportunity to open our eyes to new ways of looking at things. Sometimes this can lead to misunderstandings, at other times these differences can be very exciting!

This week’s articles are all about Manitoba’s diversity.



Read all or any of the articles about Manitoba’s diversity listed below.

Before reading

Look at the title of the article. What do you already know about this topic? Can you predict what this article will be about?

While reading

Use an online dictionary to study or clarify the meaning of new words. Create a word bank of 5-10 words from each article. Include their meaning, pronunciation, sample sentences and any notes you might have about these words.

After reading

Were you able to predict what the article was about? What was new to you? What information did you already know?



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