1. Read about summer festivals in Manitoba

How many festivals are there in the summer in Manitoba? You are about to find out! You’ll have a chance revise your skimming and scanning techniques when reading an article.

Before reading

Write a list of festivals you have attended in Manitoba or anywhere else. What do you remember about them? Would you like to go there again? If so, would you plan your visit differently next time?

While reading

Skim the list of Summer Festivals in Manitoba.

Choose a festival that you would like to visit this summer. Scan information about the event. Look for specific information such as the time, date, location and details of the activities.

After reading

Go online and find out additional information about the festival – visit the festival website, and see what new features are awaiting for you there. Check the location of the festival on the map, and note any other information that you would need to help you plan your trip.

Topic Progress:


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