Learn about the Canadian aboriginal culture

Step 1

The First People of Manitoba_Vocabulary quiz

We recommend that you work on this vocabulary quiz before you watch the video. Grab a dictionary or open an online one and work through the activity. Doing the work before you watch the video will help you better understand the video content.

Step 2

Watch this video about the First Nations in Manitoba. Why do you think the government of Manitoba created this video?

Step 3

Have you  been to a pow-wow?

Think about the word pow-wow for a moment. Where do you think the word comes from?

Click here to read some interesting facts about its meaning.

Step 4

Look at these photos of pow-wows. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Step 5

Go to YouTube and look for videos of pow-wows in North America or Manitoba. Share what you find with your study partner(s), or write about it on the discussion forum. What was most interesting or entertaining to you?

Step 6

Have you read any aboriginal-themed books?

Here’s a great ReadingList_AboriginalThemedBooks available from the Winnipeg Public Library. If you live outside Winnipeg, go to your local library and ask if the items on the reading list are available there.

One book we recommend is Tatsea. It was written by Armin Wiebe, a  writer from Manitoba. Read the book chapter by chapter, download Tatsea Reading Guide_Week4_Summer Course, and discuss the questions with a friend or a peer.

Step 7

Finally, have a look at this vocabulary list . It describes different terms used to describe the Canadian aboriginals. Have you heard them used in a conversation?

How about if you create a quiz to help your peers understand the terms better? Try Quizlet, a very simple and free tool to create online quizzes. Share what you’ve created with your peers on the discussion forum. Perhaps yours will be chosen to embed here on this page for future learners in the summer course!


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