2. Learn how to take notes effectively

“Why work for free?”, you may ask. “What? Work for free in the summer???” While we all need to earn money to support ourselves and our families, there are so many valuable skills and experiences you can earn by volunteering. Plus, there are tons of things happening during the hot season that you don’t want to miss out!

Not convinced yet? Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of volunteering. And, while you do so, we would like you to brush up on your note-taking skills. We all need to take notes, be it for simple everyday purposes, like writing down someone’s phone number, or academic studies, like reading a coursebook. As part of this week, you will use your note-taking skills while watching the videos about volunteering in Canada.

Step 1

Review this presentation and study note-taking strategies:

Step 2

Ready to watch the videos and take notes? Move on to the next activity on watching videos.

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