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Below you’ll find ideas and tools that you may want to use for your presentation. Remember, it can be made in format of your choice: a document with some pictures, a slideshow with pictures, a Power Point presentation, etc.

1. A series of pictures

You can ask your audience to visit a website with pictures of your home country. While you are telling the story of the pictures, your audience browses the pictures.

For example, click this link to see a stream of images about Canada. All you have to do is prepare an oral presentation about Canada, prepare a script of what you want to say and which pictures to highlight.

Easy, eh?

2. Make a slideshow

Prepare a few slides with images and text about your home country. Then, tell the story in your own words.

3. Make a lasting Prezi presentation

OK, this is the toughest of the three options. However, by exploring the Prezi tool you’ll increase your digital skills and learn some English while at it. It’s so much fun that we recommend you try it!

Here are some examples of Prezi presentations about Poland, Wales, and Canada.

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