Watch EO staff talk about their summer plans

In this video, EO staff talk about their summer plans.

Before watching

  • Think about the summer activities in general. What do you think might be mentioned in the video? Where will they go? What will they possibly do? Note down a few ideas.
  • Watch the video. How many of your summer ideas were mentioned?

While watching

Do the quiz.

Match staff with summer activities

Watch the video again. Note down how EO staff talk about their plans.

What expressions do they use? What tenses do they use? For instance,

  • I plan to do a lot of camping…
  • We plan on going on a road trip…
  • I’m spending time with my grandchildren…
  • I’ll be teaching my son how to cook…
  • I’m planning to spend a weekend at the lake…
  • I’m going camping with my son…

Video script of EO staff talking about their summer plans

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