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Your existence and space  on the world wide web is your digital presence.  Nowadays, it is almost impossible to have no digital presence.  And most often, having one is better than not. For example, many employers admit they search potential candidates online.

How is your digital presence created? It is created by your online activity – posting on social media, online shopping, surfing the Internet, commenting on the forums, etc.  All of these actions leave digital footprints.

Digital footprints impact your online reputation. There are ways you can maintain positive digital reputation by taking responsibility for your online activity. Moreover, you can make your digital image work for you in your career development.

Think about your digital presence and how you can build it to showcase your professional achievements to your potential employers.  Social media is a platform you can use as a foundation. You can create social media account(s) or fine tune your existing ones for career purposes.

Through social media  sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more (click here to view the list), online networking becomes easier and convenient. They provide an opportunity to get connected with professionals and like-minded individuals and gain insights from different fields and occupations.  To get started, you will need to gear up with the right tools and useful advice from the resources below.


  • Watch a video about using social media for business networking.
  • Read 3 articles about social media basics for your career under Useful Links below.


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