Step 5 – work on your project

We have learned about the basics of developing an e-portfolio for professional purposes and discussed what should be included into your career e-portfolio. It’s time to get down to work  implementing these ideas into practice.

The chart below represents three different tools that can be used to create free e-portfolios – Pathbrite, Weebly, and LinkedIn.  If you think you are still a newbie to the idea of e-portfolios and creating a fully-functioning e-portfolio is challenging for you, you can begin with a section of your LinkedIn profile. The main goal for you is to get started! However, I encourage you to aim big and choose Pathbrite or Weebly to develop a stand-alone e-portfolio. Remember, you can always expand or edit your e-portfolio.


ToolHow toSample
PathbriteCreating a Pathbrite E-portfolioCory Strokes, Digital Learning Specialist
WeeblyWelcome to WeeblyKathryn Soares, Teacher
LinkedInHow to Showcase Your Work Using LinkedIn’s ‘Professional Portfolio’ Feature Svetlana Lupasko, Teacher*

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Choose a tool from the chart and start creating your e-portfolio.

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