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Sometimes, recorded messages are very difficult to understand because of the sound quality. When we add the challenge  of different accents, understanding a phone message gets even harder.

In this exercise, firstly, we want you to think about what makes a good and clear phone message.  Then, you will listen to a phone message, and study some tips about how to be as clear as possible in your phone messages. Finally, we recommend you learn the International Spelling Alphabet, so you can spell your name and address with confidence.

First, consider this scenario:

You need to call your doctor’s office to cancel your appointment.

Step 1

Think about the message we ask you to leave.

What kind of information will you need to say?

  • your name?
  • your phone number?
  • the date and time of your appointment?
  • your doctor’s name?

Apart from providing the requested information, what else can you do to make your message clear? What if the receptionist has any doubts about the information and need to call you back?

Step 2

Read the script.

Hello, This is Blaine Roberts calling. It is Thursday July 19, at 10:00 a.m. My phone number is 204-123-5566. I am calling to cancel my appointment with Dr. Smith  on Monday July 30th, at 12:30pm. Again, this is Blaine Roberts calling and my phone number is 204-123-5566. Thank you and have a great day!

Has Blaine provided enough information? Would you add anything else? Please share your comments on the discussion forum below.

Step  3

Here are some tips for how to record a clear message:

  1. Write down what you want to say, including your phone number
  2. Speak loudly and slowly
  3. Say your name and the date/time of your call
  4. Say why you are calling, and who the message is for
  5. Slowly give your number in 3 groups of numbers, for example 204-946-5140
  6. Slowly repeat your name and phone number
  7. Say goodbye

Step 4

Have you heard about the International Spelling Alphabet? A for Alpha, B for Bravo, etc.

The International Spelling Alphabet is used to avoid confusion when spelling names and address over the phone.

  1. Click this link and study the list. Practise by spelling your name, address, and any other word in front of you. You want to have the alphabet memorized so you can do it automatically when the needed.
  2. Go to www.youtube.com and look for International Spelling Alphabet videos. Listen and practise. Remember, you’re looking for International SPELLING Alphabet, not International PHONETIC Alphabet.

Step 5

Ready? Time to call an eFacilitator and leave a message. Scroll down to see our contact details below.  In your message, make a comment about this lesson and provide your information, so we can call you back with some feedback. Don’t forget to use the International Spelling Alphabet to spell your name and email address, e.g. I for India, W for Whiskey, O for Oscar, N for November, A for Alpha (as in Iwona).

Done? Now, wait for your eFacilitator to return your call.

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