Week 4 Project: Prepare a presentation

You may have noticed that presentations are popular in a Canadian workplace. Good presentation skills are valued by employers since you may be asked to take the floor during staff meetings, represent your company or organization at different events, etc. In any situation, being able to prepare a clear and structured presentation is a skill you want to have up your sleeve.

You may have noticed that making presentations is not really a Week 3 task. You’re right. We’re talking about it in Week 3 because we want to give you time to prepare a presentation for Week 4. In other words this is your pre-week 4 homework :)

Your task

  1. Review a short guide to preparing an interesting oral presentation in the presentation slides below.
  2. Prepare a presentation. Contact an eFacilitator for feedback, if need be.
  3. Study the additional useful links provided below.
  4. Send your presentation to the eFacilitator a day before Week 4 class, so your slides can be uploaded to the virtual classroom before the session starts.

Your presentation should be 5-10 minutes long.

View Workshop Presentation Slides

Useful Links

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