1. How to reflect on learning

We’ve asked you to reflect on what you learned at the end of each unit in this course. Let’s dig deeper into the process of reflecting now.

What does ‘to reflect’ mean? Some of you will know right away; some won’t.

If you know, skip to Next Step.

If you don’t know, well, it’s a good moment to confirm or find out, but we won’t tell you. We’d like you to use a dictionary to verify the meaning of the verb ‘to reflect’. Why are we asking you to do it instead of telling you? Because, no pain means no gain. If you don’t do the mental work to figure out a word, it may not stay long in your memory. Period :)

You can:

Remember, you’re looking for the meaning of the verb ‘to reflect’ in the context of learning, thinking…Share your definition on the forum below.

Next Step

Study the questions below. These are guiding questions which may help with your reflection process. Think about the questions for a moment? What are they asking you to do?

Reflection Questions: what did I do? what was important about it? where could I use it again? Do I see any patterns in what I did? How well did I do? What should I do next?
We start the reflecting process by thinking and analyzing the past. We keep asking ourselves more and more questions to think deeply about what we learned. Then, we slowly move on to the future, and start planning what to do next. So, by knowing what we did and learned in the past helps us tailor our learning in the future. This is how we personalize our learning, how we make it meaningful to us. This is how an independent learner takes control of their learning.

Your Turn

Think about a goal you set for yourself at the beginning of the course. Have you already achieved the goal? Are you still ‘walking the learning path’ towards your goal? Reflect on your learning using the guiding questions above. Start drafting your reflection and share it on the forum below. We said ‘drafting’ because it doesn’t have to be perfect; we’re more interested in your thoughts, rather than grammar, spelling, etc.

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Reflection is the most important part of the learning process


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