5. The world of English

Life is your classroom. Immerse yourself.

Video activity

In this activity, you’ll watch a video and consider all the language learning opportunities in your daily life. As you’re working through the activity, you’ll be practising some independent learning strategies, so pay special attention to those. Finally, you’ll do some research in real world and post your findings on the forum. (This activity is an adaptation of the iEnglish video activity available here.)


Before you watch the video, think about the title of the video, “The World of English”.

  • What does it mean?
  • What comes to mind when you see the title?

You can play the video without sound to spark your imagination.

Thinking about the title and and looking at some images before jumping in to watching it will help you predict the content and prepare for what’s coming.


  1. Think about whether your predictions were correct. Does the video talk about what you thought it would?
  2. Which ideas appeared in the video?
  • Public places are full of opportunities to learn English.
  • A doctor will teach you English if you ask.
  • The opportunities to learn English outside of a classroom are not always obvious (easy to notice).
  • The English printed on shop windows can help you improve your English.


  1. Download the transcript. Watch the video again and follow along the transcript.

Did you understand everything as you were listening to the video without the transcript? If you understood everything, congratulations! If you didn’t catch everything, you might want to study English more. What you’ve done here is called self-assessment. As you can see, you can self-assess your language skills by comparing. We’ll go back to self-assessment in the 5th week of the course.

  1. Highlight words and expressions that you don’t know, and look them up in an online dictionary. Remember, Google is your friend! Simply, type the word or expression in the Google search engine and hit the search button.
  2. Read along with the narrator of the video. Pay special attention to how each word is pronounced and to the intonation. Act! Have fun! Next, turn down the volume, and try narrating. Maybe even record yourself. Use the comparing strategy again: compare your narration with the video. Think about what else you could improve on.

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