Welcome to this course about Staying Safe at Work: Dealing with a Safety Concern. In this course, you will listen to a safety concern that a worker has at his job. You will learn steps that can be taken to deal with a safety concern. You will also develop English language skills that will help you communicate your concerns to others.

Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility. When you see a hazard or have a concern about safety at work, it is important to communicate with supervisors and others. This is important to protect yourself and others

Do you have the language skills that you need to communicate about safety in your workplace? Will you be able to speak about your concern to another person? Will you be able to read safety information? Do you have the vocabulary and grammar skills to write your concerns? Do you know how to begin a conversation about a safety concern?

This course contains resources to help you learn:

  1. Glossary
  2. Audio dialogues
  3. Practice exercises
  4. Language lessons

The learning resources in this course will help you to develop your English language skills to communicate effectively about safety concerns with others in your workplace.