1. Read about summer activities

This week, you will get a chance to practice scanning for specific information.  We skim and scan for information every day. Remember the last time you were walking and passed a poster on the wall? Maybe you were at the library,  health/community centre, or even going into an apartment building.  Did you stop to look at it? If it caught your attention, you likely did more than skim the poster – this is when we read quickly for general information.  You probably stopped and spent time looking at the details on the poster – the 5W’s; who, what, when, where, why.  In this case, the poster was interesting enough to to make you stop and look for the fine details. You may have taken a photo of the poster after to review again or maybe you copied down just the important information in your notebook.


Before reading

Write a list of some summer activities and events you have done in Winnipeg. This may be a short or a very long list – a long list means there is more to try this summer!

While reading

Skim the list 101 Things to do – Spring/summer

Choose an event or activity that you would like to invite a friend to this summer. Scan information about the event/activity. Look for specific information such as the time, date, location and details of the event/activity.

After reading

Return to the 101 Things to do – Spring/summer list. Select 2 more events/activities from the list you would like to try. You may want to write down the event/activity on your calendar or enter it in your cellphone calendar. Make sure to try it out!


Topic Progress:

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